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*Rages* Just ignore me... Stupid Kevin! Thanks to him we're now a…

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*Rages* Just ignore me...

Stupid Kevin! Thanks to him we're now a member down for our Radio unit because he's dropped out of college. This means it's just me and another girl working on the project and everyone else has four or three people working with them. Not only that but he contributed nothing to the work last time so her said he'd type out the script although knowing full well that he wouldn't be there for that lesson!!!!! ARGH!!!!And we didn't!! Add that I just found out - The day before the lesson and can't get in contact with my other group member and I'm officially having a meltdown. But let's not forget, it's okay because he posted a bulletion on MySpace - so that makes it alright...And I only saw it because a friend sent me the link to his stupid message! Thanks a friggin' lot Kevin! If I EVER see that boy again I am going to kick him into next week SO HARD he won't know what's hit him!! And then I'll lynch him and then hang, draw and quarter hikm for good measure, right after I get my scottish mafia who are like Grant and Phil- 'cept they have more hair, 'ent fat and wear kilts on him for being a twatmonkey!

*Seethes* Goddamnit where is the smiley that has flames on it when you need it?!

...And I'm done...
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On April 3rd, 2006 11:56 am (UTC), zeenapunk commented:
He suonds like a total wein

Can't you get someone else from another group to help out, or an extension or anything? It's not your fault!
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