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Lost · In · Translation

*bawls out eyes*

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My dad came home to get his mail when she wasn't here, she's so self righteous
And I quote: "He doesn't live here anymore and I don't want him in the house. He should come for his things when I'M HERE!"

When she is so friggin' aggressive and negative, no wonder he doesn't want to come in case she flies off the handle and attacks him again

I try and offer another point of view by saying, "With you like this it's no wonder he doesn't come. He has a right, he owns this house too,". She was all "No it's MY house - bitch bitch bitch"

I saw him yesterday and it was lovely but she was so pissy with me when I got home because I'd spent time with him, although she wouldn't admit it -I know that's why

I mentioned what I wanted to do for my birthday and how I really wanted to spend it with them both, being my 18th n all and go out for a meal with all the family

A bit much maybe, but he's willing to do it but her...she's being so selfish

She won't even consider it, not even for me, for one day, a couple of hours even

I wanted to do something in London in the big TopShop, something I've always wanted to do and I don't want just one parent there

But at the rate this is going

I'll have to have HER there because she'll NEVER FORGIVE ME -although I'd rather be with my dad on the day if she's got this kind of attitude *seethes*
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On March 8th, 2006 02:00 pm (UTC), zeenapunk commented:
Okay, hun, before you think like that, remember that there's 2 months to go and things can change easily. She may come around. And in the mean time, explain to her why you want them both there.
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