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Lost In Translation

It's Always Nice To Get Positive Press

28 May
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I'd like to think I'm a moderately loud and bubbly person. I have dark brown hair - although I'm a natural dark blonde, and I have blue/green eyes that sometimes look grey. I'm about 5'6/7 and still growing. I have a habit for dying my hair different colours and in recent years I have had: blonde, black, brown, blonde and red, red, ginger/copper, brown and blonde and I'm now currently sporting brown hair once again.

I have a small group of people that I would class as my close friends, you know the kind, those who know you better than you do know yourself. I hang around with a large group of people at my college, where I study Media, as I want to become a journalist. I do find it hard to let people in and I don't like talking about feelings with other people - especially if you're not that close with me. I have a red-hot temper, and be it on your head if you provoke me - it'll be your fault entirely lol!

Although I don't really watch that much television, my favourite shows are Buffy, Angel, Hex (see a pattern there?) and Music Channels like MTV etc.

My music tastes range from every genre and I don't like people telling me what I should like and what I shouldn't. I like Rock, Pop, R'n'B, Jazz, Blues and Soul, Alternative, Indie, Emo etc. My favourite bands/artists of the moment right now are Nick Drake, Bloc Party, Hard-Fi, Hanson, Funeral For A Friend and Take That.

I love to read and write. I enjoy painting and art. I have a really big obsession with History - especially the Tudors, The Georgians, The Romanovs, Titanic and Jack The Ripper. A lot of these are sprung from my own personal interests, and from Sarah, who shares many of my obsessions.

I've been known to be quite a difficult person to get along with at times, but I'm eternally thankful for my friends who have stood by in recent years, especially of late of recent events. Thank You, I couldn't survive without your love.